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Wheels & Accessories

Here's a bit more information on wheels and accessories.


Every roller skate wheel is different. They can vary in size, hardness, shape, and even hub material. It is important to choose a wheel that is suited to type of skating that you will be doing. For Artistic Roller Skating Free Skating typical artistic skate wheel is 55-65mmin diameter by 30-31mm in width. The smaller width allows for the wheels to be easily maneuvered. Free skating singles skaters typically use smaller wheels compared to figure skaters and dance skaters who tend to use wheels on the larger side. Hardness of the wheels can be confusing, you will see a harness guide on the wheel 92A for example.

Perfect wheels for skating on our current floor @ St Chads are –

Roll Line Fluido 38D

Roll line Giotto 47 Special – 57mm

Figure Wheels tend to be larger in size – please speak to your coach for advice on figure wheels.

· Example Supplier – J&P Sports.


The more you pay typically (but not always) the better the bearing is and the faster it is. See the J&P sports bearing page for further information.


Every skater needs a tool kit to make the relevant adjustments, your coach will always have a set of tools however its beneficial to make sure you have tools that will adjust your skates with your skates at all times.


All you really need are knee pads, these will help with falling on your knees. Soft knee pads are advisable – Google “volleyball knee pads” and you will find a plethora of options, Amazon has also been a good source historically.

Please do not purchase hard wrist pads, these may feel like a good option however typically if you fall wearing them you may cause more damage.


Small cases can be used to transport your skates to the rink, SkaterMate and J&P sports will have a selection of Branded skater bags. A fashionable and fun way to transport your skates maybe a Zucca Bag, these can be expensive but tend to hold their value. Google “Zucca Skate Bag” and you will get a multitude of suppliers.

Spinners are a great way to practice spinning off skates at home, recommended for skaters who have finished their grades, these can be purchased from J&P sports for around £24.00.

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